Business opportunity

The California Twist

California love for fresh ingredients and healthy food combined with French tradition for authentic recipe gave birth to what is known as California Crepes, an authentic French crepe with a California twist. From the very first crepe served, California Crepes has been the talk of town. Our crepes made from authentic French batter using our state of art crepe machine and stuffed with our premium meats, cheeses and fresh vegetables it’s a combination people come back for again and again.

Reasons to Open Your Crepe Shop

The demand for authentic crepes is growing by leaps and bounds, opening up opportunities for expansion in new and existing markets. With exceptional license offerings, passionate executive team, and ever increasing public awareness of crepes, California Crepes is perfectly poised to help the right licensees each create a profitable business.

Powerful Marketing & Training

You will be trained in “Our Way Beats Their Way” marketing techniques. With this knowledge and application your crepe shop will be set apart from the competition. These techniques apply to every aspect of your business: in-store merchandising, public relations, social media, advertising, and especially developing the look of your menu. You will learn that everything you do is about moving the needle… bringing people back again and again and again!

Let’s talk it Over

If you are interested in operating your own money making crepe shop, email us at